"Unembellished identification of the status quo, brilliant analysis of weak points as well as strengths, logical and traceable brainstorming of the future "road map" – this is KeePConsult. Results are always the goal: improved efficiency in handling the available resources of employees, time and budget. Svend Evertz has a character that invites collaboration on equal terms: uncompromisingly honest and always constructive. Based on his many years of experience in the field of consulting and coaching, he is quickly able to give his counterpart feedback about their personal approach – always hand in hand with a short and/or medium-term plan for improvement. A true professional, we would be very happy to work with him again in the future."

"As a repeat attendee, I have had the opportunity of participating in several training programmes conducted by KeePConsult. Their training sessions are very well structured, and thanks to individual coaching they offer an uncompromising investigation of personal strengths and weaknesses that improve performance in "everyday working life". It is fascinating to see how success is achieved based on the content and presentation of training material, and even a critical mind is quickly persuaded of the results. I see these training programmes as an absolute asset when it comes to continued education that shows results – by boosting sales."/p>

"With the support of KeePConsult, tangible results were achieved in Revenue Management among other areas. Renko Hermans trained and supported our company in Revenue Management over the course of six months. Without the department management, I especially benefited in my personal development as a Revenue & Reservations Executive. I attended weekly coaching and training sessions during this period, which reinforced my daily activities in Yield and Revenue Management. Analytical measures led to capturing market shares and strategic decisions brought us increasingly closer to the goals we had set. Positive developments were also achieved in cross-department collaboration. I would like to thank Renko Hermans for the support in achieving all aspects of yield and revenue management with the help of unconventional ideas.”/p>

"Dear Svend, I would like to thank you for the 13 months of your expertise in coaching, mentoring and consulting you have provided to me and our management team at Munich Marriott. I truly value your professional skills, insights and techniques you have used to bring our team together and guided us through our professional development to become a strong, efficient and effective team of experts in different disciplines with clear focus and transparent communication.The coaching sessions helped me to realize my values as a manager and Director of Finance. I have become stronger in providing and receiving constructive feedback, clear and direct decision making and sharing my professional opinion. Thank you for a valuable and professional sessions with both"

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