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The market and therefore your company are forced to change constantly in order to be successful and remain viable in the future. Standing still is not an option. Proactive companies secure their position and play an active role in shaping the future. KeePConsult helps you to sustainability achieve your goals.

The goal of all training programmes is for every participant to find their own path and thus to actively shape the future of your company. Apart from professionalism, this includes qualities such as humour, individuality, quick wit, storytelling as well as sales psychology and motivation.

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Sales & Conventions Sales Training

The elements of sales psychology involved in a sales talk are addressed intensively through roleplaying as well as handling objections and secure closing. By working out a personal sales talk guideline, participants gain security and self-confidence during talks.

The company's unique selling points are worked out intensively and transformed into persuasive arguments. During individual coaching sessions, the participants hold live calls with customers and then an individual analysis of the calls is performed with the coach. The goal is to develop in-depth, optimised strategies for conducting talks.

Sales & Conventions Sales Trainings
Ziele und Inhalte unser Trainings

Goals and content of our training

  • Individual preparation for sales talks
  • Set and achieve goals for talks
  • Prepare an individual sales talk guideline
  • Communicate aspects of sales psychology
  • Identify and manage objections
  • Question forms, negotiation and presentation techniques
  • Increase security of closing through storytelling
  • Price presentation techniques and argumentation methods

Support with implementation and target achievement.

  • Division analysis to improve profitability and quality
  • Analysis of your company's sales activities
  • Observation of pre-sales as well as sales and revenue strategy
  • Evaluation of offer management in sales and convention sales
  • Individual training and coaching concepts for long-term sales growth

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