"We have been collaborating successfully with KeePConsult for 4 years now. We started with intensive support and coaching for our Sales and Event Sales departments. Based on the results we achieved, we decided to expand the collaboration to the departments of Event Management and Revenue Management.

"Our collaboration with KeePConsult, which now spans a period of three years, can be briefly summed up as: Successful, trustworthy, strategic, skilled and honest. When we started out together three years ago, the 5* Hotel Bristol urgently required repositioning on the Vienna market.

The objectives, apart from achieving the ambitious budget, were to rethink old habits, actively prepare employees for the coming challenges, developing ideas together and leading management & employees to participate proactively in the changes. For all disciplines involved at KeePConsult, from analysis, strategic development and employee & management development to final implementation in the Sales & Marketing, Field Sales, Convention Sales & Revenue Management departments, I was brought in for close consultation and everything was developed hand in hand with the team. Knowledge and accompanying tools were imparted, carried through and flexibly adjusted to the relevant topic areas. The result is evident: we achieved the budget and re-entered the Vienna market with the Hotel Bristol. Thank you so much!"

"As a participant and booker of your coaching and training sessions, I can unequivocally give you two thumbs up. Participating in your training sessions is not always easy and involves being open to all directions to identify the perfect path for yourself and the situation. Your services speak for themselves. In subsequent leadership positions, I repeatedly drew on your experience and commitment to reorient teams and add the finishing touches. The live training for sales and 1:1 coaching sessions outside of the training programme were always enriching. I wish you lots of continued success!"

"Dear Svend, Dear Silke, the world has changed; it has become more complex and confusing. What was right yesterday doesn't work for today. That requires a professional level of training oriented towards specific topics, situations and participants. Throughout our collaboration over the last 8 years, you always kept all of this in mind, often as a frontrunner in the industry, and implemented your training sessions in an exemplary manner. Although it was often difficult for participants to step outside their comfort zones, everyone was satisfied at the end and grateful for what they learned. I value having you by my side as a partner who adapts rapidly to every situation at every location and also develops new training formats when necessary."

"The tips and tricks offered by KeePConsult really work! First the participants are introduced to the theory in order to put what they've learned into practice in the next step via individual interviews. Coaching allows you to refine your personal style and integrate the tips and tricks from KeePConsult. Success is guaranteed and the results are captivating!”/p>

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