Nowadays, project management is part of the "everyday business" of the service sector and particularly the hotel industry. New projects are continually launched and a project manager is appointed. Even small tasks are now referred to as projects even if that's not actually the case and they should be defined as part of daily business. "True" projects, on the other hand, are not managed in the proper way due to a lack of knowledge; instead, they are merely administered and often fail as a result.

Not everything that is called a project is actually a project, and failure can be prevented early on

We support you in not just administering your projects but truly making them a success thanks to good project management. What sets apart project management from the management of tasks in daily business operation is the clear definition of objectives (for instance with respect to the services offered and their quality, price), time frames, limited resources, project-specific organisation, the unique nature of the project and the accompanying social system or distinguishing the project from its environment.

Working together with you, we determine which criteria make a project a project, enabling you to identify which projects require professional project management and which can be defined as tasks during daily business. We also transmit the skills and knowledge that you require to successfully manage a project: From project definition and context analysis to project performance planning, project organisation and time & cost scheduling along with stakeholder analysis. This enables you to recognise early on during a project whether or not it will result in the desired success, allowing you to take countermeasures early on or consciously decide to cancel the project. In contrast to failure, this means deliberately opting for project cancellation. A project can only be labelled a failure if it is carried out to the end but does not deliver the desired results (e.g. with respect to the desired services, costs or time of delivery).

With the right tools for good project management, none of your projects will fail anymore.

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