For the purpose of sales optimisation and successful hotel performance, revenue management plays a significant role in business strategy. Strategic market positioning is primarily based on the hotel's sales activities. Multiple factors must be considered, such as target group behaviour, the "guest or customer journey", competitor activities, the market environment and accompanying influences, such as economic developments and requirements concerning the site and mobility. A market-oriented, dynamic pricing structure has to be adapted to the current market conditions to secure hotel revenue in the long term..

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KeeP Revenue Management

The KeePConsult service portfolio in revenue management spans the entire customer journey, taking market conditions into account and reflects the holistic consulting approach through the link with the areas of sales and convention sales.

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  • Revenue management stress test
  • Expert analysis
  • Support with the selection of a revenue management system
  • Development of individual revenue management strategies
  • Interim revenue management
  • Revenue management controlling
  • Employee training
  • Preparing distribution strategies
  • Revenue management stress test

    There are numerous scenarios that could cause an unanticipated drop in sales. What happens if a large number of company bookings at the hotel are cancelled overnight?

    With the KeePConsult stress test, we simulate scenarios tailored to the individual hotel and analyse the results. In the process, we indicate the areas involving the biggest threats and the greatest opportunities for the hotel.

    Bild Stresstest


    To react quickly to changes in the market, transparency about market developments and changing conditions must be maintained in the hotel across all levels and at all times.

    KeePConsult supports hotels with the acquisition, analysis and use of data. With our independent viewpoint, we open up new perspectives, even in the analysis phase, and strategically indicate the areas where action is most urgently required.

    Support with the selection of a revenue management system

    Ideally, external systems contribute significantly to the simplification of processes. But not every system is suitable for every hotel. Given the wealth of available offers, it is often a challenge to differentiate between the performance criteria of different systems. KeePConsult offers neutral support with the selection of a suitable revenue management system or other distribution system.

    In the process, KeePConsult is committed to staying independent from other consultants and technology providers in order to give an objective assessment for the hotel's benefit. We deliberately avoid a commission system to ensure that we can give independent, uninfluenced opinions and recommendations at all times.

    Support bei der Auswahl eines Revenue Management Systems
    Development of individual revenue management strategies

    Entwicklung von individuellen Revenue Management Strategien

    If a company's results are not profitable enough despite good sales, this is generally due to non-existent or insufficient revenue management. Formulating a goal-oriented revenue management strategy first involves defining threats, opportunities and objectives. A concept is developed using this foundation to fully represent the commercial requirements of the hotel in revenue management.

    Revenue management controlling

    In order to correctly feed the revenue-oriented price level into the systems, detailed decision-making processes are necessary at the employee and management level. The primary concern here is safeguarding and increasing company sales. Decisions and ensuing actions must be recorded scrupulously in order to optimise processes. They serve as a foundation for monitoring and forecast tools that are tailored to the hotel.

    With our outside perspective, we are able to detect impending threats and opportunities at an early stage and initiate relevant actions.

    Revenue Management Controlling
    Zielgerichtete Mitarbeiter Trainings

    Zielgerichtete Mitarbeiter Trainings

    Employee development is not just a contemporary HR tool: it is essential for success-oriented company dynamics. In the process, it is important to coordinate the need for training to match the individual situation. A detailed briefing helps to define the specific training requirements. The practice-oriented training approach at KeePConsult facilitates the transfer of knowledge and guarantees that learned training content can be implemented right away.

    Preparing distribution strategies

    Keeping an eye on the competition is important in order to stand out clearly from competitors. Based on the overall strategy, we create a custom distribution strategy for your company. The components of strategic consulting include competitor analysis and definition of position targets as well as the development of strategic rate products. In this process, we consider corporate and leisure rates along with KPIs as procedural decision-making tools for finding an optimal solution.

    When working out a success-oriented revenue management strategy, flexibility and individuality are essential to our overall approach. Instead of copying standard solutions for hotels, KeePConsult develops a suitable custom concept for each individual company. To do this, we identify and qualify the company's potential and use our holistic consulting approach and the pooled skills of our experts to raise the entire value chain to the next level.

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