Future Sales Convention

How will sales & marketing work in the future?

Filling the meeting space, occupying hotel rooms, managing digitalization, making destinations more internationally known, ensuring rates and capacity utilization and then generating with all the profits ... from our point of view, these are the contents that urgently need to be discussed in sales and marketing applies.

Often those affected talk about the same thing, unfortunately they are usually so little networked with each other, rather complain about each other, reject each other's best practice and circle around their own sun. And does it help on the way to more customers and guests? We think no. That is why we have created a platform to really talk to each other, to constructively shape the future together, to be inspired and motivated, to think outside the box and to break new ground.

With the city of Bremerhaven in 2020 we have a great partner on board, who deals with all of these issues and who took the Future Sales Convention as an opportunity to rethink everything in order to professionally prepare the region for what is coming Years to the destination, the MICE location, the travel destination, the business location, the hotel industry and the event industry. Questions like: Where can I find my business travel customers? Which system helps me to find international customers for events? What must revenue and yield management do? What can marketing do today and how do I have to position my companies, locations and services profitably? The variety of suppliers, the mass of offers and, above all, the steadily increasing economic pressure make us rather shrink and act more slowly. That is why, in 2020, specialists and professionals will gather in Bremerhaven to talk with open eyes about exactly these topics, to learn, to have hot discussions and certainly to look ahead smarter and braver.

Many questions - one event! Or as you can say: your event!

Be (a) part and be there! 8. – 10. May 2020 in Bremerhaven

More information and booking at: www.futuresalesconvention.com.

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