Simply book your Consultant the way you need him: by the hour, uncomplicated, without expensive travel costs, including the video conference tools and the necessary hybrid work tools.

Our new KeeP-Time® concept offers fast, efficient and, above all, precisely controllable possibilities to book advice at your side.

Whether it is about topics such as sales, convention sales and revenue management, leadership in times of home office or business coaching for you, your employees and managers - you decide - to the hour.

Here are a few ideas and topics

Everything to do with handling inquiries in Convention Sales / MICE

  • Ensure prioritization and qualifications despite short-time working
  • Adapt the offer system to the Covid requirements
  • Ensure availability and prompt response to inquiries
  • Etc.

Or in the field sales

  • Customers & guests & industry analyzes
  • Preparation of sales campaigns
  • Development and opening up of new customer segments
  • Telephone training
  • Develop tourist sales structures and content
  • Etc.

Revenue management

  • Forecasting
  • Daily pricing
  • Pick-up analysis
  • Development and opening up of new customer segments
  • Revision of the segments
  • Adaptation of the comp set to the current situation
  • OTA revision regarding content and images
  • Etc.

Some more options

  • Data analysis
  • Cost review
  • Rate verification & positioning
  • Etc.

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